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Victory Lubricants

About Us

Victory Lubricants

VICTORY LUBRICANTS offer Innovative solutions to meet demanding requirements by supplying efficient high-performance lubricants. The quality of our engine oils and lubricants are very much appreciated.
VICTORY LUBRICANTS Guarantees its customers competitive prices while preserving a quality in accordance with international standards which allows them to acquire abiggest market share and the satisfaction of their customers.


Although for our expertise in manufacturing lubricants, along with import & export of petroleum products, and marketing of those locally and internationally, we are also engaged in other activities, which is in correlation with the lubricant industry, which are:
• Sale of filling machine, induction sealing machine...
• Manufacturers and sales of plastic packaging, plastic storage tank from 1000L to 20.000L.
• Sales of aluminum seal liner to ensure a perfect seal.


Moral values are our total commitment to working together with the mankind for mutual benefit, which has been central to our success. We are committed to comply with environmental laws and regulatory standards on a worldwide basis.

Victory Lubricants

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