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Victory Lubricants


To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of business with focus on customer satisfaction through value of product and services and cost reduction.It’s our aim to help you to create a competitive advantage for you and your customers. Its our priority to providing you with the best quality products for a specific application with exceptional services.

• Our technical service specialist who can advise you on your specific application needs and they provide you the products as per weather conditions at your end to add more power for best performance to vehicle.
• Getting the products derived to you on time with full specifications as per requirements.
• In the event of any complaint our trend staff is ready to respond it quickly and efficiently.

Victory Lubricants


Victory Lubricants

From products to services, when choosing VICTORY, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. Let us take care of all your needs. Tell us:
• what you need ? • when you want it ? • where you want it ?
we will deliver the solutions that are right for you.

• Variety of products from wide number of sources.
• Highest quality of products approved by world’s leading lubricant manufacturers.
• The correct solution from one quick and reliable partner.
• We keep the stock of product you may need and optimise your storage expenses.
• Customised blending of any quantity and delivery to any destination in strict conformity with customer’s requirements.
• Variety of packaging solutions and transportation options to optimise your logistic expenses.
• Customer-oriented approach: each customer is highly valuable and gets best services on the market.
• Timely services and fair prices.

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